7/6 Update- State of the Project

published on 06 July 2023

BOi NOVA: sellout, physical


We sold out our initial digital run of 100 BOi NOVA Episode 1 NFT's on the Solana block-chain, in less than 24 hours! As always, super fucking righteous to see the support of our small but growing and passionate audience! Being able to take an existing IP and community and build a product that caters to and expands on that, is a really cool dynamic, and I remain thankful that the Bad Creature Society team has been so chill and collaborative in building this out and supporting it! 

So there has been some talk about physical copies... I'm working some angles currently. BOi NOVA was always designed with the attitude of being a smaller-scale story. With that in mind, the page layout was shrunken down to accommodate a manga form factor. So as a physical copy, the length would be that of a short comic, but in the almost half-size manga form. Visualize it. I promise it's cool.

This means pricing in terms of getting it printed is gonna be MONDO affordable. What has proven to be the biggest hurdle throughout this whole thing, for those who like a little physical with their digital, are international shipping costs. Those are... NOT mondo affordable. To say the least. To say the most, they basically crippled me on the last print run 😂 is what it is, I didn't account for it or do my research ahead of time to have even a rational idea of what to charge, that's on me.

Only thing is, now that I DO have a rational idea of what to charge... it's in no way realistic. If I ask you for $30 to ship you a comic, you would be right to tell me to blow you. I get it.

I've talked to a few people about doing some sort of subscription box, or a pre-pay-for-the-whole-series deal. I dunno. I hate taking people's money. That's antithetical to pretty much everything NFT's represent, but that's me yo. I have massive crippling depression and hate giving other people expectations when I can barely rely on myself as is, you know? No, that's just a me thing? Ah, whatever. you get it. This isn't the first time I'm gonna talk financials throughout this thing. 

As a general summary, as far as BOi NOVA physical stuff goes, we're "exploring options." Wanna do the best by you guys, and also ourselves. Not out of selfishness, just out of not-wanting-to-go-broke-ness.

For digital ownership options, right now, you have Magic Eden's secondary NFT market. I will slowly be uploading BOi NOVA #1 onto other platforms (Tapas, Amazon, etc.) throughout the week as I'm able. So if you prefer shopping there... stay tuned!


What's next?

We're now at a weird sort of unique point for anyone new coming in. Where do new readers start? Well... at first, it was technically with Endless Shift. Now, with both of them being in their introductory stages... you could really go either way! I plan on following an every-other-month release schedule with the two, so depending on how you read, you can be following BOi NOVA's story in order as it leads up to Shift's tale in Endless Shift, or you can read Endless Shift as the 'main' story with BOi NOVA as a contextual prologue. 

The approach to writing the comics has been similar. I have the main plot beats mapped out for both, but I'm jumping back and forth between writing the two. I feel like this unique approach could potentially create 2 completely different reading dynamics and perspectives. Or maybe I'm just jerking myself off. But probably that first thing.

So with that context, and that release schedule in mind, here is what you have to look forward to--

JULY 2023: Endless Shift Issue #2
AUGUST 2023: BOi NOVA Episode #2


Let's talk $$$ again

I love Endless Shift. It is my baby. I know the potential it has, and as such, I am quietly, slowly but surely, building it up. Plugging away at it day by day, increasing the size of the universe, increasing the scope of the physical and digital product offerings, etc. It takes time. It is AI art, but I still care about it. I don't want to put out any stupid horseshit. So I don't. Things come out as they are ready, in measured fashion... for the most part. This has been functionally very awesome. Not to mention, the BCS team and community don't pin me down to release dates and promises quite like others are known to in the NFT space, so I am grateful for the breathing room when its needed, etc.

Now I'm rambling. This preface is to say I'm having a blast, but I'm doing it for free. Well... for $CRTR.

I'm not complaining. In fact, the situation was specifically designed by me to be that way. Remember? Hate taking money from people, expectations, all that stuff from earlier? Yeah, that's why Endless Shift, and the larger 'Bad Creature Endless' IP extension has been mostly $CRTR. Enriching the community by means of a coin they already have. And that's good!

Buuuut the massive time element involved with this project, combined with the free-ness, creates sustainability issues. My leisure time has always been spent scheming, working little entrepreneurial angles to buy things low/sell for high, get on top of a new ecommerce trend, etc. I've never been necessarily good at any of it, but it has provided a nice chunk of side income, paid some bills, that sort of thing. A decent buffer to the IRL job, if you will.

NFT's came along and took over the reigns as my online money-maker of choice a couple years ago. Of course, when you suck ass at NFT trading, the money-making is... less so. Ha what can I say? I'm not a flipper. I don't have it in me. I like the pictures. I hold bags. Combine this with doing less trading and focusing more on the comic... you get it.

I need to bridge the gap. Gotta make that paper. Not some insane amount of paper. We just need some funding. Not millions. Not even thousands. Just multiple dozens. Or hundreds. Trickling in here and there to keep the gears turning.

Only thing with getting anything like that off the ground, is you need fucking TIME. See the back and forth we get into here? Fuuuuuuuuuu.

So immediate future-state, I need you to bear with me while I go sort of radio silent for a couple weeks. I will STILL BE actively working on the comic in the background. But I will be spending a great deal of time on getting some small entrepreneurial side-hustles up and running. Once again, given my success/failure rate, I don't expect to blow the roof off any of these, but they will hopefully generate the necessary moneys.


A great deal of my creative journey has been spent making the things I want to make, and ONLY those things. I believe my limited successes and large number of failures can be at least somewhat attributed to that fact. I don't listen to trends, I don't listen to the needs and wants of the market.

To my credit, I believe that has made my work more personal, less 'soulless,' and I love a lot of my personal projects for that. But a lot of my personal projects over my years of life have NOT been successful, have NOT had extensive shelf life, etc. There is some merit to paying attention to what's popular.

No, I'm not making soulless stuff. And none of it is even affiliated with Endless Shift anyway. My side projects are just becoming a little more... aware of who they are catering to, and HOW to cater to them. That's vague, I know. There's a lot of words here at this point, and this is probably boring as shit to read through. Let's wrap it up, yeah?

This guy is... unrelated. Don't pay any attention to this guy.
This guy is... unrelated. Don't pay any attention to this guy.


I'm not going anywhere. This comic is fucking sweet, I love where it's been, and love even more where it's going.

BOi NOVA NFT's sold out, available on secondary market. Mini-manga physical copies likely to be produced soon, working out pricing.

Working out a subscription box or payment plan of some sort, despite my hesitancy.

Endless Shift Issue #2 slated for end of July.

I need money. I hate the way NFT people make money, and don't want to be that guy.

I'm not bad at this AI art thing. I have some side-hustles in the works, but if you or anyone you know has some genius ideas for leveraging these talents to bring in some $/SOL/$BTC/$ETH/$JELLY/$DUST/$BONK/whatever the fuck, send them in my direction.

I will actively make things for money. Logos, NFT's, traits, backgrounds, textures, comics, mock-ups, concepts, banners, you name it!

That is all for now ❤️‍🔥groovywelldone aka Alex

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