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ENDLESS Shift Issue #2

The long-awaited-by-absolutely-no-one, 4 months+ overdue 2nd installment of ENDLESS Shift is here! And it looks goooood! Better than the 1st, for sure. I dunno, it's subjective I guess. My cousin said the 1st one sucked so use that as a frame of reference.

Shift drip-feeds Void some details on their impromptu off-the-grid mission to secure their rogue creator, Dr. Ezra Lazarus. They then take off for the underground tunnels. What threats await them within the darkness?

Endless Shift Issue #1: Limited Physical Edition

$9.99 OR 0.6 SOL (shipping included)

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  • Mobilic cybop 3

    In the not-so-distant future, science and human advancement know no bounds. A singular toxic corporation and a couple cult-of-personality talking heads have begun to steer the world in an ethically-barren direction. 

    Learn the origin story of the Bad Creatures, the discovery of the meta crystals, the formation of the C.A.T., and more!

  • also!!

    The back half of each comic is presented in old school, diy, punk zine fashion. Obscure articles, esoteric AI oddities, punk rock current listening, and more!

  • bundle highlights

    - 28 page saddle-stitch bound full-color comic book

    - micro-perf white protective cover pages (easily removable from comic)

    - individually hand-numbered and signed (only 25 in existence!)

    - includes limited edition Boi Nova collectible foil trading card as a pack-in bonus (also limited to 25, also hand-numbered!)

    - ships within 2-3 business days, shipping times dependent on country. Currently limiting shipping to USA/CAN/Mexico.

  • Void icon

    This is Terra 4. Well... our half of it.

    War-torn, desolate, withering desert. What little life is left is being starved due to atmospheric toxicity. The denizens of this trash husk of an ecosystem exist simply to get by. Most of them are left to a fate of their own doing, having mindlessly sucked from the teat of the powerful meta crystals far too much, far too long.

    The CAT lovingly refers to them as 'tweekers.' 

    Oh yeah, the CAT. The planetary government's version of a police force. An acronym originally meant to symbolize "Contain, Assist, Transcend." Didn't take long for the corruption to set in, with corporate fuckery (and money) showing its ugly face of influence and transforming the entire department into a glorified terrorist task force. They built an excellent towering gate structure to keep the beautiful side of the planet beautiful. Wouldn't recommend trying to climb over it. Many have tried. Rumor has it as soon as you're halfway up, they power up a laser that slices downward and eviscerates you right then and there.

    Their acronym has taken on new meaning as "Crush All Tweekers" among those who fear them, as well as those who wish them harm.

    In an anarchic wasteland, there are obviously very few trustworthy individuals. Those who have found comfort in others have banded together, forming like-minded tribes and communities, helping each other with what little resources and brainpower remain.

    Some try to kick the meta crystal habit. Some die in a pool of their own mouth-foam laughing about inner peace and infinite knowledge. Some figure out how to manage the addiction, how to appear somewhat 'normal' and auto-pilot their way through the drudgery of seemingly endless days.

    Others fight, because with their minds gone, its all they know. War, battle, and bloodshed are all constants in the lands beyond the gate. Trips for resources to abandoned warehouses and storefronts turn into showers of gunfire and murder. Sometimes the mess doesn't get cleaned up for weeks. Did I mention the smell is great?

    These are the ENDLESS plains beyond. Where do you hail from, stranger? Are you a CAT tough guy, ready to rough up the next tweeker who rubs you the wrong way? Are you a wanderer, minding your own business and building a peaceful life for yourself up in the mountains? Are you a warrior, brandishing a side of an old bus that you've carved into a devious blade? Maybe you're a tweeker, riding your makeshift hell cycle into the abyss, because fuck it, we're all gonna die, right?

    Whatever your flavor, the ENDLESS badlands surely have something for you...

    Cast of Characters

    • 1


      DESIGNATION: Bad Creature

      AGE: 480 days

      ABOUT: Little is known about this quiet and stoic, yet quick-witted and crafty creature. A master swordsman, he proved himself a valuable adversary in the early days of the Ryot Resistance.

      Now seemingly working for the C.A.T, Shift's true intentions are unknown.

      Shift icon 633 580
    • 2


       DESIGNATION: Bad Creature

      AGE: 420 days

      ABOUT: A new recruit to the C.A.T, mentoring under Shift. A gifted younger creature with the ability to harness electricity from the surrounding environment and manipulate it at his will.

      Early background unknown.

      Void icon 633 580
    • 3

      BOi NOVA

       DESIGNATION: Bad Creature


      ABOUT: One of the first successful creations of Dr. Ezra Lazarus, BOi Nova is somewhat of a folk hero, a superman figure to the rest of the creatures. His unique ability to open and travel between dimensional rifts makes it incredibly hard for the C.A.T. to pin him down.

      A cocky, smart-mouthed protector of creatures and tweekers alike, BOi Nova runs the Ryot Resistance and works to foster a more united badlands.

      Nova icon 633 580
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